Camp Thunderbird Night Hike

Come and earn the coolest scout patch of the year – the Night Hike Patch! The hike will occur in all kinds of weather, so come prepared. It is a ten mile hike with activity (Skill) stations along the way. Scouts are scored on their performance as a team. Breakfast will be served. You must bring your ten (10) essentials and your gear will be inspected. You will not be allowed to hike if you do not have your ten (10) essentials. Also, tennis shoes are not allowed…you must wear boots. Scouts in tennis shoes will not be allowed to hike! .

MEET: Friday November 18th at 5:30PM
RETURN: Saturday November 19th @ around 4 – 6 AM
MEALS: Bring a Snack for the hike.  Breakfast will be served after the hike
DISTANCE: About a 20 minute drive to Camp Thunderbird
GEAR: You must have your 10 essentials and hiking boots!


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