Troop Leadership Positions

Scout Positions

Name Position Responsibilities for Term
Alex J Senior Patrol Leader Primary Troop Leader, plans agenda, runs meetings, works with committee
John Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Backup for Senior Patrol Leader, oversee other troop positions, and monitor and encourage their goals
Ben Webmaster Keeps website up to date (creates at least two website updates)
Michael Historian Document outings by creating a picture collage, with names, date, and place (creates at least two documents)
Michael Librarian Maintain library , monitor what is checked out (recommends a book for the committee to buy)
Ben Quartermaster Organize and inventory equipment , provides a summery of equipment use to PLC (organizes a cache cleanup)
Troop Guide Acts as patrol leader for new Scouts. (Goal to help them advanced to 2nd class by summer camp)
Chaplains Aid Prepare a thoughtful reading for every outing and event (Thoughtful reading for 1/2 meetings)
Matthew Scribe Take notes at patrol Leader Council Meetings  and email a summary to the PLC after each meeting. (notes at plc’s)
Alex A Bugler Plays the Bugle to mark key moments during the ay on troop outings, such as reveille and lights out.  He must know the required bugle calls and should really have earned the bugling merit badge
Den Chief Works with a Den of Cub Scouts and with their Adult Leaders.  He takes part in Den Meetings, encourages Cub Scout advancements, and is a role model for younger boys.

Adult Positions

Scoutmaster Mike Mohrman
Assistant Scoutmaster Dennis Longnecker
Assistant Scoutmaster Shad Rogers
Committee Chair Liz Rogers
Advancement Chair Johnsons
Treasurer Dave Valente
Merit Badge Coordinator Dennis Longnecker
Popcorn Kernel Dave Valente
Geranium Sales
Sea Base Lead 2012 -Mitch Berndt
Summer Camp Lead 2011 -Dennis Longnecker (Camp Easton)
2012 -Dennis Longnecker (Piggot)
2013 -Dave Valente (Meriwether)
2014 -Dave Valente (Baldwin)