Trail to First Class

Trail to First Class is this Weekend!

1 ON I-5 Take exit 104 to merge onto US-101 N
2 Slight left at WA-8 (Continue Like you are going to the Ocean)
3 Take the Mox Chehalis Rd exit toward McCleary
4 Turn left at Mox Chehalis Rd and follow until the road ends
5 Turn left at US-12 E
6 Take the Next Driveway and the right…about 50 feet and go straight down and over the hill and follow it down to the right. You will see a steel barn. Park there.

Total: 29.6 mi – about 41 mins


{gmap|46.959760, -123.329998|700|500}

[map w=”700″ h=”500″ maptype=”SATELLITE” kml=”″]