The Boy Scout program includes a wide range of Advancement opportunities. Scouts can earn rank advancement from Scout through Eagle and learn Scout Spirit.

Advancement is an important part of every Scout’s Scouting career. The Troop has adopted an advancement policy that will insure that all Scouts are knowledgeable in the given requirements needed for advancement. The policy consists of skill instruction, demonstration and practice, and a testing period.

All skills that are taught to Scouts should be practiced immediately by those Scouts; however, requirements are not to be signed off immediately. At least one day must elapse between when a Scout is taught a skill and when they are tested and signed off for knowledge of that skill. In Troop 101, any Scout First Class Rank or above can sign off another Scouts handbook and can only sign off on requirements their rank and below. If any questions arise regarding certain requirements, an adult should be seen before the requirement is signed off. The purpose of advancement is knowledge.

Participating in a Scoutmaster Conference. When a Scout has been signed off on all requirements for advancement in rank, he meets with the Scoutmaster for a conference. This conference is designed to: Involve the Scout in a review of his progress to date, and to have the Scout and Scoutmaster work together in setting goals for further development. It should be noted that the Scoutmaster conference is not designed to determine if the boy should be advanced in rank. The Boy Scouts of America takes the position that this decision should be made by the Board of Review. Thus, the Scoutmaster conference is used mainly to review and set goals.

Appearing before the Board of Review. As a final step toward advancement, the Scout goes before a Board of Review which is a panel of Troop Committee members and experienced adult Scouters. The Scout will appear in full ‘Class A” uniform with his Boy Scout Handbook so the members of the Board can review his progress and sign off his advancement. The Board of Review has three objectives

  • Determine the extent to which the boy has had a positive and effective experience in the Troop.
  • Make certain that all advancement standards have been met. The Board of Review does not retest the Scout on his completed requirements.
  • Encourage further progress.

Boards will be held after the committee meeting the third Thursday of each month except November and December. Boys must notify the advancements coordinator a minimum of 1 week prior to the committee meeting for a board to be held. Boards to be held outside of that time must be approved by the advancements coordinator and 3 adults must be arranged by the boy and also approved by the advancements coordinator.