Popcorn Sales

Popcorn Sales are an opportunity for scouts to earn funds for summer camp,  or for equipment such as a sleeping bag, backpack or a new tent. Watch your email inbox for messages from Mrs. Atkins and consider signing up for a 2 hour shift. It is also possible to sell popcorn to friends and family

Court of Honor

This Thursday, September 30, Troop 101 will hold its Autumn 2010 Court of Honor at 6:00PM, followed by a “finger potluck”. Families are asked to bring an appetizer to share that can be eaten without utensils. Please bring your own beverages and a washable plate. We have had a busy summer so there will be

Aviation Merit Badge

We had a great time at the Washington State Patrol’s Aviation Detachment August 30, working on the Aviation MB. Scouts learned elements of the pre-flight checklist, and then actually performed pre-flight inspections on one of the aircraft. After developing and filing a flight plan, participants took turns “flying” over Olympia using a flight simulator program.