Weekly Update – 10/18/2010

Popcorn Sales are Due this Week!   Bring them to the Troop Committee Meeting on Thursday. Tree Planting November 4th.   Our Troop has volunteered to plant a tree at Rainier Vista Park on Thursday,  November 4th, starting at 4pm.   This is a Student Conference day and usually a PLC meeting is held on the 1st Thursday

Capital Area District Camporee

We are attending the Capital Area District Camporee this weekend at Camp Thunderbird (Summit Lake). Planning to meet at the Old Fire Station at 6:30pm (after dinner). Check out from camp is 10am Sunday. I show the following Scouts signed up to go: Carson, Brenden, Ben Be, Ben Bu, Dylan,    Adult: Mitch  (Is there

eCamp and Carpentry Merit Badge

On October 29th and 30th the Troop will be having a Carpentry Merit Badge Session and eCamp! The rules for eCamp are pretty simple: No M or above rated games, except for Halo. Bring some food to share. On the Forms link, there is a eCamp permission slip you need to have signed. Have your

Popcorn Sales

Popcorn Sales are an opportunity for scouts to earn funds for summer camp,  or for equipment such as a sleeping bag, backpack or a new tent. Watch your email inbox for messages from Mrs. Atkins and consider signing up for a 2 hour shift. It is also possible to sell popcorn to friends and family

Court of Honor

This Thursday, September 30, Troop 101 will hold its Autumn 2010 Court of Honor at 6:00PM, followed by a “finger potluck”. Families are asked to bring an appetizer to share that can be eaten without utensils. Please bring your own beverages and a washable plate. We have had a busy summer so there will be