Backpacking Equipment List

Overnight trip

Clothing list identifies the total clothing recommended (includes what is worn).  Layering of light gear is best. 

* Ten essentials

  Backpack - Large enough to hold all this stuff.  Day packs won’t do.   Food for lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch and trail snacks (plan as a patrol)
  Tent with rain fly (patrol equipment)   Ziploc bags hold food and other stuff
  Waterproof ground cloth  (patrol equipment)   Large trash bag
  Sleeping bag - Mummy stuff bag preferred (down or holofill)   *Small flash light with fresh batteries
  Sleeping bag straps to hold sleeping bag and insolite pad   Tooth brush with toothpaste - squeeze enough toothpaste for two brushes in a Ziploc bag
  Insolite pad - insulates against the cold ground   Toilet paper - 1/2 roll OK
  *Two underwear   Sweater and wind breaker or warm jacket - the lighter and least bulky the better
  *Two T-shirts    *Light rain jacket
   *Two pair of sox     Very small bottle of biodegradable soap for dishes and personal cleaning
   One pair of pants   Small towel - dish towel size (optional)
  *One pair of shorts   Light tennis shoes (optional)
  One long sleeve shirt   Whistle
  *Tops and bottoms long underwear - polypropylene best   Bug repellent - small bottle of wipe-on Cutters, or the like, is best
  Light hat for sun and rain   *1 qt plastic water bottle
  Boots, good stable sole for carrying loads   30 feet of small diameter nylon line - like parachute cord
  Spoon and fork - one of each metal the lightest possible   Sun glasses (optional)
  *Pocket knife    *Sun screen - small bottle or tube
  *Compass and map   Fishing gear; go sparingly (optional)
   Plate, bowl, cup (aluminum or plastic)    *Small first aid kit for small cuts- molefoam, band aids, antiseptic, gauze pads, and tape (wind around itself to save space). 
  Cooking pot and pan, spatula, scrubby - depends if menu requires - (patrol equipment)   Plastic or nylon waterproof tarp - 1 per 4 persons (optional)
  *Matches in a waterproof container and fire starter (small candle)    Water filter or purifying tablets
  Backpack camp stove w/ fuel for two meals + a bit extra (patrol  equipment)