Weekly Update – 10/18/2010

Popcorn Sales are Due this Week!   Bring them to the Troop Committee Meeting on Thursday.

Tree Planting November 4th.   Our Troop has volunteered to plant a tree at Rainier Vista Park on Thursday,  November 4th, starting at 4pm.   This is a Student Conference day and usually a PLC meeting is held on the 1st Thursday of the Month.  We plan to plant a tree and then hold a brief PLC at the Park.   As always, everyone is invited to attend the PLC, and who knows, if there is enough light perhaps a game will spontaneously erupt.   We’re planning to be done by 6pm.

Marine Corps League Event.  The Marine Corps League (MCL) has asked for our help with a program they are running on November 11th, Veteran’s Day (holiday – no school).  They would like Boy Scouts to accompany them to two locations to sing patriotic songs.  This is a Class A event.  The first location is Mother Joseph’s Care Center at 3333 Ensign Rd. NE, Olympia from 10:00am – 11:30am.  The second location is Puget Sound Health Care Nursing Home at 4001 Capital Mall Dr. SW., Olympia starting at 2:00 pm.   We will be meeting at Mother Joseph’s Care Center at 9:40am.  If we have enough adults (2 deep leadership) and enough drivers to carpool, we could go from Mother Joseph’s to lunch and maybe an activity (bowling?) before going on to Puget Sound Health.

Please let Scoutmaster Mitch know if you plan to attend this event.

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