Toys for Tots Update

Saturday the 18th Toy Buy Up at Walmart is set for 0900 to purchase those toys we have identified as needing. We have invited the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to help us with this. We don’t have a tremendous amount of money for this but we will be expecting a few thousand dollars to make this possible. There will be a photo op taking place with the State Troopers and Fire Department this year so be prepared as time will be in short supply. (This is usually a Class ‘A’ event because of the photo and positive public exposure.)

Shortly after the purchase of the toys at Walmart, all those willing to assist in the separation of all of those toys and then the filling of all of the bags with toys for those children receiving the toys will be taking place. Expected time will be to start between 1100-1200 depending on when everyone makes the transition from Walmart to the Distribution point. The location is in the Olympia Square are between Sizzler and Ross at 3315 Pacific Ave SE. This is near the Pacific Ave exit of I-5 on the North side of the freeway. Look for the ToysForTots banners in the windows. The more hands available to help separate the better because once the toys are separated we will begin to pick toys for each child, and family and bag those specifically so the parents can come in and get those toys so they can wrap and give them to their children.

The planned distribution of all of those bags is set for Dec 19 Sunday, Dec 20 Monday, and Dec 21 Tuesday. This should give us enough time to close everything out before Christmas and to tie up any loose ends or assist any late comers. I am looking for volunteers willing to man the distribution point from 1000-1800 each of those three days. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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