Weekly Update – 11/08/2010

Veteran’s Day Program Troop 101 has volunteered to help the Marine Corp League on Veterans Day and sing some Patriotic Songs at a couple of the retirement centers in Olympia.  It’s on Thursday, but its a Holiday.  If Transportation is an issue, let someone in the troop know and we will see if we can

Weekly Update 10/27/2010

Carpentry Merit Badge Session this Thursday.  Come early for the troop meeting (at 6 p.m.) for a Carpentry merity badge session.  Bring a hammer! Carpentry Merit Badge and eCamp October 29th.   Starting at 6 p.m. on Friday and ending at 8 a.m. on Saturday the Troop will be having a Carpentry Merit Badge Session and eCamp! 

Weekly Update – 10/18/2010

Popcorn Sales are Due this Week!   Bring them to the Troop Committee Meeting on Thursday. Tree Planting November 4th.   Our Troop has volunteered to plant a tree at Rainier Vista Park on Thursday,  November 4th, starting at 4pm.   This is a Student Conference day and usually a PLC meeting is held on the 1st Thursday