Dereks Eagle Project 2014

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Best to start with some doughnuts Best to start with som...
I shouldn't have bought so many doughnuts. I shouldn't have ...
Let's move some dirt Let's move some dirt
and some more and some more
and some wood, and some wood,
Dereks Eagle Project 2014 - DSC_0262.JPG Dereks Eagle Project 2...
Dereks Eagle Project 2014 - DSC_0267.JPG Dereks Eagle Project 2...
Something in my shoe. Something in my shoe.
Lets's get this in place. Lets's get this i...
Looking good. Looking good.
More to do. More to do.
Dereks Eagle Project 2014 - DSC_0284.JPG Dereks Eagle Project 2...
The planter box. The planter box.
Time for a break. Time for a break.
Back to work. Back to work.
A generous donation from 5 Yard Line. A generous donation fr...
Thanks George! Thanks George!
2.5 yards 2.5 yards
That is bigger than I thought. That is bigger than I ...
Ohhhh, that's heavy. Ohhhh, that's heavy.
That's one. That's one.
and another. and another.
and another and another
Sitting down on the job. . . Sitting down on the jo...
and another and another
and another. . . and another. . .
Looking pretty full. Looking pretty full.
Moving dirt. Moving dirt.
Filling the planter box. Filling the planter box.
Beauty Aye. Beauty Aye.
A job well done. A job well done.
Hamming it up. Hamming it up.
The Planter Box. The Planter Box.
A job well done. A job well done.